Martin Baker Aircraft – Ejection Seat and Crew Escape Systems Analysis

Mission Background:

Reducing head and neck injuries during ejection from aircraft is an important step in advancing aircrew safety. Understanding and being able to model the potential causes of injury allows design improvements to be made to obviate these risks.

Customer Requirements:

Increased focus on detailed mechanisms for injury during ejection is forcing a reappraisal of ejection simulation.  No current ejection seat simulation is able to predict coupled seat and occupant motion with aerodynamics.

Our Work:

During ejection from aircraft head and neck injuries can occur due to the aerodynamic forces on the pilot’s helmet.

The purpose of  the study was assess the feasibility to model this phenomenon using the LS-DYNA code which Vorticity has used extensively to model fluid structure interaction (FSI).  LS-DYNA also allows for simulation of bio-dynamics. We were able successfully to couple these capabilities to produce results that compared well with experimental data.