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More Supersonic Parachute Tests

Vorticity Ltd completed a supersonic wind tunnel campaign for the European Space Agency last week. A series of small parachutes were tested at Mach numbers between 1.6 and 2.25 in the 1.5 m wind tunnel at CNRC in Ottawa.

London from 35000 metres

London viewed from 35000 metres. These images were captured during a recent High Altitude Balloon Flight from Oxfordshire on 14 November 2012.

Supersonic Parachute Tests

During September 2012 , Vorticity tested parachutes at speeds between Mach 1.6 and 2.2 as part of a research programme for the European Space Agency. The objective of the tests, carried out at the NRC Trisonic Wind Tunnel in Ottawa, Canada, was to improve knowledge of parachutes which could be used for future Mars landings and Earth return missions.

Successful Drop Test of ExoMars Parachutes

On 10th October 2012, the team at Vorticity Ltd. successfully performed a low-altitude drop test of their in-house designed and built test vehicle. The test qualified the design of one of the parachutes that will be used on ESA’s 2016 ExoMars Mission during atmospheric entry.

Successful landing of Curiosity

Congratulations to everyone on the NASA JPL Mars Science Laboratory team on the successful landing of Curiousity. Vorticity was privileged to play a small part in this momentous mission.

Monkey goes into Space!

Space Monkey flew to 36km above Oxfordshire on Friday 4th May 2012 as part of our Subsonic Parachute Test programme for the European Space Agency. He hitched a ride aboard the helium balloon carrying the test parachute aloft. After the balloon burst, Space Monkey parachuted safely back to earth. Space Monkey is a mascot for a local Northamptonshire Secondary School.