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The landing site of the Schiaparelli module and the parachute can be seen in the latest pictures provided by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) on NASA’s 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter. The bright white object at the bottom of the image is believed to be the […]

Watch ExoMars arrival and landing

Tune into the updates from ESA’s space operations centre as the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter approaches and enters orbit around the Red Planet, and the Schiaparelli module lands on its surface.

Testing Schiaparelli’s Parachute

Here is Dr. Steve Lingard standing in the NFAC* wind tunnel with the test version of the parachute that will slow the Schiaparelli entry, descent and landing module as it plummets through the martian atmosphere on 19 October 2016.

Earth Return Capsule Campaign

In June 2015, Vorticity will be flight testing six prototype Earth Return Capsules at the Swedish Space Centre in Kiruna, Sweden on behalf of the European Space Agency.


Celetrak’s SOCRATES conjunctions database is calculated twice-daily to aid spacecraft operations collision avoidance manoeuvres. This network shows conjunctions of less than 5 km between orbiting objects, including debris, on 29th October 2009.

Space Debris

Our team has expertise in space debris environment models, conjunction assessments, and space situational awareness. The team has the experience to model the space debris environment using historical conjunction assessments or simulations of the future environment in order to identify objects for remediation.