SCISYS/ESA – Entry and Guided Landing Environment (EAGLE)

SCISYS was contracted by the European Space Agency to build a simulation framework to aid the design and development of Entry, Descent and Landing Systems (EDLS). For this, SCISYS needed a specialist software provider with deep knowledge of descent and landing systems modelling to work alongside them as they developed their simulation framework. Vorticity provided the software modelling tools for the environment, heat shield and parachute models.

Vorticity worked with the SCISYS team to develop a high fidelity, end-to-end entry, descent and landing system modelling tool which will be used for the design of Guidance Navigation and Control for future ESA space missions.

The target end users for this software include Mission Systems Engineers; Systems Engineers; Guidance Navigation and Control Engineers and other subject matter experts such as specialists in decelerator technologies, propulsion systems, power systems and other hardware engineers.