A sound grasp of aerodynamic fundamentals and phenomena is essential to analysing and understanding fluid flow problems. The Vorticity team have experience on a range of projects involving aerodynamics in all flow regimes: subsonic, transonic, supersonic, hypersonic and rarefied flow. This experience can be applied to many scenarios to advise on the validity of data from computational simulations such as CFD and FSI.

Unsteady flow simulation of a probe with trailing parachute
Simulation of a decelerating capsule

Aerodynamics Case Studies

ESA – Huygens Descent Control Sub-System (DCSS)
NASA Johnson Space Centre – Hypercone System Studies
NASA – Mars Aerocapture
SSTL / ESA – Earth Re-entry Vehicle Demonstrator Pre-Phase A
SSTL / ESA – Venus Entry Probe
Thales/ESA – ExoMars Parachute
Thales/ESA – ExoMars Probe Aerodynamics and Aerothermal Analysis