Case Studies

Vorticity brings a wealth of aerospace engineering knowledge and expertise to all our work.

Vorticity has significant capability in parachute system design, engineering and simulation of aerodynamic performance and aerodynamic database definition, wind tunnel testing, free flight testing, test vehicle and instrumentation development on a wide range of space-related programmes.

After more than a decade of consulting with many respected aerospace organisations and academic institutions, Vorticity brings deep aerospace engineering knowledge to all we do for our customers.

European Space Agency
Aerothermodynamic Tools for Hypersonic Inflatable Decelerators
Airbags for Small Landers Design
Alternative Descent and Landing Systems
Deployable & Inflatable Heatshield & Hypersonic Decelerator Concepts – Phase 1
Earth Return Capsule Dynamic Stability via Balloon Drop Tests
Europa Microprobes
ExoMars Parachute
ExoMars Probe Aerodynamics and Aerothermal Analysis
Mercury Lander Technologies
Parachute Engineering Tool
Subsonic Parachutes Trade-Off and Testing
Supersonic Parachutes
Venus Entry Probe
Thales Alenia Space
ExoMars RSP
ExoMars 2016
ExoMars Probe Aerodynamics and Aerothermal Analysis
Mars Aerocapture
NASA Johnson Space Centre
Hypercone System Studies
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mars Science Laboratory Parachute Consultancy
Cirrus Aircraft
Cirrus Aircraft – Whole Aircraft Recovery
Martin Baker Aircraft
Martin Baker – Ejection Seats and Crew Escape Systems Analysis
Parachute Engineering Tool
Surrey Satellite Technology
Venus Entry Probe
Earth Re-entry Vehicle Demonstrator Pre-Phase A
British Antarctic Survey
British Antarctic Survey