Case Studies:

NASA JPL/Draper Laboratories – Mars Pinpoint Landing

The Vorticity team carried out analysis of the use of subsonic parachutes to improve precision of landing on Mars within the scope of the JPL Mars Pinpoint Lander program.

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NASA Johnson Space Centre – Hypercone System Studies

The Hypercone is an inflatable aerodynamic decelerator designed to provide deceleration and stabilisation in the Martian atmosphere from Mach 4.0 to subsonic conditions and conceived by Vertigo Inc in the USA .

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NASA JPL – Mars Science Laboratory Parachute Consultancy

Vorticity was engaged by NASA to provide a specialist view of how a parachute would perform at low supersonic and subsonic Mach numbers in a low density atmosphere.

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NASA – Mars Aerocapture

Vorticity worked with Vertigo on the definition of an inflatable and deformable tension cone “Hypercone” system for use in Mars aerocapture.

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