Fluid Structure Interaction

Fluid structure interaction is a class of simulations when fluid flow changes the shape or orientation of body which in turn changes the fluid flow. Vorticity has applied this type of simulation to a range of problems including modelling:

  •       a microprobe hitting solid water ice at high velocity;
  •       an ejection seat emerging into high speed flow;
  •       airbag inflation;
  •       aerodynamic stability of flexible structures;
  •       water impact;
  •       parachute dynamics and inflation in subsonic and supersonic flow;
  •       and entry probe dynamic stability.

Fluid Structure Interaction Case Studies

ESA – Europa Microprobe

ESA – Huygens Descent Control Sub-System (DCSS)

ESA – Mercury Landing Technologies

Martin Baker Aircraft – Ejection Seat and Crew Escape Systems Analysis

NASA – Mars Aerocapture

NASA JPL – Mars Science Laboratory Parachute Consultancy

NASA Johnson Space Centre – Hypercone System Studies

SSTL / ESA – Earth Re-entry Vehicle Demonstrator Pre-Phase A

Thales/ESA – ExoMars Probe Aerodynamics and Aerothermal Analysis

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