Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering “SE” is at the core of our approach to projects.  It is the overall design process required to evolve a product or service through its life cycle.  The objective is to do this effectively and efficiently: as Peter Drucker says, “efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things”.

Our SE process is characterized by a top down, team approach. It provides a disciplined focus on the end product, its enabling technologies and operational environment together with a clear vision of the customer expectations, assuring a fully integrated development and realisation of products which meet the customer requirements within cost, schedule and risk constraints.

In addition to applying SE internally we have delivered seminars focusing on Systems Engineering and Cost Engineering for the US aerospace industry body, AIAA.

Systems Engineering Case Studies

ESA – Alternative Descent and Landing Systems

ESA – Huygens Descent Control Sub-System (DCSS) 

ESA – Mercury Landing Technologies

NASA – Mars Aerocapture

NASA Johnson Space Centre – Hypercone System Studies

NASA JPL/Draper Laboratories – Mars Pinpoint Landing

SSTL / ESA – Earth Re-entry Vehicle Demonstrator Pre-Phase A

SSTL / ESA – Venus Entry Probe

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