A sound grasp of aerodynamic fundamentals and phenomena is essential to analysing and understanding fluid flow problems. Resorting immediately to CFD is unlikely to provide a satisfactory solution.

The Vorticity team have experience on a range of projects involving aerodynamics in all flow regimes: subsonic, transonic, supersonic, hypersonic and rarefied flow.


Aerodynamics Case Studies

ESA – Huygens Descent Control Sub-System (DCSS)

NASA Johnson Space Centre – Hypercone System Studies

NASA – Mars Aerocapture

SSTL / ESA – Earth Re-entry Vehicle Demonstrator Pre-Phase A

SSTL / ESA – Venus Entry Probe

Thales/ESA – ExoMars Parachute

Thales/ESA – ExoMars Probe Aerodynamics and Aerothermal Analysis

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