Testing is crucial to the development and qualification of the systems we design. This has led to a wide range of experience in testing our own systems and those of our customers.

We offer expertise the following test types including test fixture / GSE design, instrumentation and data analysis:

  •       Wind tunnel – subsonic and supersonic
  •       Drop testing – helicopter, aircraft and high altitude balloon testing
  •       Functional testing – mechanisms, pyrotechnics
  •       Strength testing
  •       Material testing – textile strength, puncture, characterisation, porosity and environmental effects
  •       Electrical testing
  •       Environmental testing: thermal, vibration.

Testing Case Studies

Cirrus Aircraft – Whole Aircraft Recovery Systems

ESA – Alternative Descent and Landing Systems

ESA – Huygens Descent Control Sub-System (DCSS) 

Thales/ESA – ExoMars Parachute


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