Simulation Software Design

Vorticity develops numerical simulation software both for internal use and for our customers.

Our in-house entry, descent and landing (EDL) codes, developed over the last decade, include state of the art tools for the modelling of complex, multi-body motions of parachute / payload systems, high definition models of phenomena such as parachute deployment and inflation, and a complete suite of tools for airbag analysis, performance prediction and detail design. All codes are thoroughly validated against test or mission data.

We also develop EDL software for our customers tailored to their use cases and end-user engineering knowledge and compliant with their software engineering product assurance processes.

We develop code using standard languages such as C++, C and FORTRAN using toolsets which allow the code to be ported easily to any standard target environment. Configuration control is achieved using industry-standard tools.

Simulation Software Design Case Studies

ESA – Mercury Landing Technologies
SCISYS/ESA – Entry and Guided Landing Environment (EAGLE)
SCISYS/ESA – Aerodynamic Design Tool for Parachutes